An exclusive savoir-faire with only one obsession: creating timeless souvenirs. Selecktive invites you to discover its art meticulously orchestrated.


Established in a universe of surprises, Selecktive takes care of your event scenography and acts as your artistic director by developing stylish live talents. Our approach is clear: designing each project in its entirety. Driven by the emotions, our tailor-made concepts reflect your identity. Selecktive is defined as your exclusive concierge for your events and deals with demands. It is with a singular sense of precision that your project will be shining. As a brand ambassador, Selecktive reveals a new era of the art of celebrations.

Behind the scenes, our talents create the excellence for unforgettable experiences. Selecktive’s solutions are drafted as part of a global management approach in terms of design and conception, logistic and operations. Within the team, we combine expertises in order to achieve synergy effects. Stimulated by the fashion world and its multiple horizons, Selecktive chooses the creativeness thanks to its signature performers. The perfect experts are selected for each project to create exclusive and high-end journeys.

Developer of your identity, Selecktive is inspired by your DNA to compose amazing scenography, exceptional atmospheres and timeless memories. Selecktive invites you to a rendezvous to create together new sensations and unforgettable emotions.

At the origin

  • Benjamin Kliber

    Founder & General Manager

Together, let's design an experience you will remember forever.

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